Clay Miller.

Clay Miller


I build the Internet. My ideal workplace lets me take ownership in my work, learn bleeding-edge technologies, help people connect and grow, and build things that endure. Diversity, accessibility and empathy are very important to me. I’ll continue developing—learning new skills while honing existing ones—and I’ll share everything I learn.


My hobbies, unabridged: adjusting kerning of neo-grotesque typefaces, reading "I Want My Hat Back" in a local bookstore, engaging with brands on Twitter, savoring smoky whisky, detecting hints of plum in wine, creating Jackson Pollock-esque latte art, waiting for coffee grounds to bloom, hiking in the great outdoors, comparing Fama-French factor loads, sampling Napoletana pizza, training for a 10K, mapping functors, spinning experimental hip hop records, jamming to freak folk, critiquing postmodern literature, signing petitions, learning about intersectionality, contributing to open source, and staring thoughtfully at Impressionist paintings.